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A look at '06

2009-02-02 11:04:31 by SPiNgo

Looking back at my '06 and earlier entries I realize I only submitted one or two things worthy of passing the portal and am amazed that the others made it. I mean, honestly, what was I thinking?
Anyways I'm working on Random Shorts 5 which actually follows a theme, "A Bigger Fish". Hopefully that'll be out in a week or two, shouldn't take too long as there is no dialogue in the movie.

I'm not a writer....

But! DarkLink777 is, and a good one at that.
I'm super pleased to announce that I'm partnering up with DarkLink777 to produce at least 2 Flashes this year. He's quite the funny man and I love his ideas; not so much his animation style, but he's got me psyched.
The amount of dedication going into any Flash him and I produce is going to be large, like Master's Degree Exam-Cram Night dedication. I don't wanna give away too much but the first Collab you'll see from us should be Drama King. Until then get ready for Random Shorts 5.

I hope this gets me some recognition with the lowly voice actors on this sight. My mic sucks so I might need some help in da futures!

DarkLink777 it teh winar!


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2009-02-04 13:59:42

I it teh winar? =D

Yes, my animating is basically poop. ;~;

But that was why I've duped-- I mean, partnered up with SPiNgo here! xP

And yes, we are currently working on a Flash entitled "Drama King." It will be a glorious debut. Hopefully. I'll stop talking now. ^^;