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Entry #2

Drama King

2009-02-07 00:47:25 by SPiNgo

I've never been so excited about a flash project.
This project "Drama King" is taking a butt load of time but it feels well worth it. I've learned a few new techniques and really started using motion tweens. That sounds a little noobish but I've always done fbf so this is nice to take some time just for aesthetics.
Here's a small screen from the Flash-story board.

Estimated release is March.

Drama King


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2009-02-08 21:36:19

As a completely impartial observer (er... the writer), I have to say that THIS SHALL BE MOST AWESOME.


SPiNgo responds:

I couldn't have said it better.


2009-03-22 11:48:19

Can't you tell us any thing else? I practicly stock DarkLink777 on Newgrounds, and this project sounds really cool!


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